Letter Demanding the Board of Education to focus on the Right Priorities

Rally to demand Board of Education to focus on the right priorities


Friday, 10/23/2020, 3:15pm-4pm

555 Franklin, 94102 


Parents and their children will be holding a rally in front of the SFUSD office (555 Franklin) on Friday (10/23) from 3.15 pm to 4 pm to demand the Board of Education to focus on reopening schools and to work towards delivering excellent and equitable education.


In the past few months, the school district and the board have not focused on the right priorities. The Lowell admissions debacle is not the only example. Just last week, Mayor Breed rebuked the board for prioritizing renaming schools instead of reopening them.


During the only scheduled meeting for public discussion for Lowell admission, Board member Alison Colins, was heard on a hot mike, saying, "I'm listening to a bunch of racists." Families demanding a fair and transparent process should not be called racists. As the community faces more and more discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic, that comment was especially jarring.


Parents and their children will protest every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3.15 pm to demand the board to focus on what San Francisco families really need.


Chinese American Democratic Club 


抗议三藩市教育局,无视家长 罔顾民意 10/23/20/五下午 3:30pm,555 Franklin St




10/23/2020星期五下午 3:30p-4p,家长们将带孩子一起去教育局门前(555 Franklin)抗议教育委员、教育局、学生代表和校区,抗议这些官方无视上万学生和家长,罔顾我们的首要需求和努力,缺乏尊重,缺乏民主。


教育委员会和教育局的强硬手腕,无论在新冠期间不开校反而去改校名,对Lowell 临时收生改制草草行事,缺乏透明,并辱骂家长“racists”。这件事上,教育委员会、教育局、学生代表,把 165 年历史的三藩市之骄Lowell,以一天的通知、一周多的听证,就废掉武功。太不尊重 8600 人的网上请愿,和3000 人参与的网上民意调查结果。会议上还有人说,发言反对的都是白人和东亚人,都是racists。也有教育委员指我们家长是racists,并公然说不恭敬的话。


我们必须愤然反抗!本周五开始,逢星期一、三、五下午3:15pm-4pm,我们带孩子一起到555 Franklin门口 抗议,一直抗议到天荒地老,一直到我们得回应得的尊重为止,绝对不能被几个人几天就把世世代代的努力抹杀,让我们再次进入 被排华的黑暗时代。


我们必须自强! 我们赶紧行动起来吧!


Seeyew Mo / 巫世友

Bayard Fong / 鄺炳榮

Victor Seeto

Josephine Zhao / 招霞



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Letter to SFUSD School Board Regarding Lowell Admissions


Dear SFUSD School Board President Sánchez, VP Lopez, Commissioners, Student Delegates, Superintendent Matthews and the School District, 


The Chinese American Democratic Club opposes the District’s  lottery proposal for Lowell High School admissions for the coming year.


The CADC was founded in 1958 was formed when the Chinese “red scare” resulted in unfounded investigations into San Francisco Chinese community organizations with an intent towards mass deportation


A review of Chinese American history reveals an unrelenting efforts for over 150 years of discrimination and attacks that has been centered in San Francisco. This proposal echoes the refrain first shouted in 1870’s by Dennis Kearney, “The Chinese Must Go!”.  Currently, instances of racial attacks during the pandemic reveals that this atmosphere of bigotry continues.


The history of the Chinese community and education has been one of struggle and oppression. Only through appeals to the highest court has the Chinese been able to secure their due to access their equitable right to a decent education from first earning the right to San Francisco school in the 1800’s to establishing bilingual education. At Lowell, about 15 years ago, although being the largest population group, we were subjected to rigid enrollment ceilings that have forced Chinese applicant group to earn near perfect grades to enroll compared to other groups who can score lower grades. Again, the Chinese community had to mount legal challenges to this District who possess virtually unlimited resources to mount a defense.


If underrepresented groups feel that they are unfairly treated because they are handicapped by social economic pressures or other hardships compared to affluent households let us formulate creative approaches so that the “pipeline” of promising students can be expanded. Diversity is an important element to the educational experience that should be increased. Merit has not been a hindrance to enrollment in students of color but a spur to work harder.  Although a review of Lowell’s students who are economically disadvantaged shows a school average of 36%., a review of the major groups of color show very high enrollment from this category -  47% of Asian students at Lowell are economically disadvantaged. 50% of African Americans and 66% of Hispanics fall into this category. This large group of economically disadvantaged students have worked hard to gain this critical path to social mobility.


Academic excellence has been a Lowell tradition for 165 years. Its existence has put tens of thousands of students on the path of social mobility.  Please don’t rip it all down, let’s work to make it better.




Victor Seeto, Issues’ Co-Chair

Bayard Fong, 1st Vice President 

Josephine Zhao, President

Chinese American Democratic Club 


SFUSD Email addresses:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Board Members

Stevon Cook

Mark Sanchez, President, 2020

Alison M. Collins

Jenny Lam

Gabriela Lopez, Vice President, 2020

Faauuga Moliga

Rachel Norton

Shavonne Hines-Foster, Student Delegate, Lowell High School - 2020-2021

Kathya Correa Almanza, Student Delegate, June Jordan High School - 2020-2021

Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent

Esther V. Casco, Executive Assistant to the Board

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CADC Recommendation Slate on World Journal

CADC Slate layout by World Journal

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CADC Recommendation Slate on SingTao Newspaper

CADC Slate on Singtao Newspaper

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CADC Supervisors and City / State Proposition Recommendations


CADC Bilingual Recommendations

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Michelle Parker For School Board

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CADC member Sam Kwok Interviewed Endorsed Candidate Ben Matranga

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CADC Endorsements for November 3rd 2020 Elections

District 1 Supervisor:

1st Choice: Marjan Philhour

2nd Choice: Veronica Shinzato

3rd Choice: David Lee

4th Choice: Connie Chan

District 3 Supervisor:

Danny Sauter - Sole Endorsement

District 5 Supervisor:

1st Choice: Vallie Brown

2nd Choice: Daniel Landry

District 7 Supervisor:

1st Choice: Joel Engardio

2nd Choice: Ben Matranga

3rd Choice: Emily Murase

4th Choice: Myrna Melgar

District 11 Supervisor:

Ahsha Safai - Sole Endorsement

San Francisco Board of Education (4 Seats):

Jenny Lam

Mark Sanchez

Michelle Parker

Matt Alexander

San Francisco City College Board of Trustees (4 Seats):

Alan Wong

Tom Temprano

Shanell Williams

Anita Martinez

For the complete list of the Current Endorsements:

CADC November 2020 Endorsements

For the Endorsement Graphics:

- CADC November 2020 Endorsement Graphics

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August General Meeting

1) Return of the July Candidates

Scott Wiener, Ahsha Safai, Joel Engardio, Marjan Philhour, Vallie Brown, Michelle Parker, Danny Sauter

2) Candidates’ Meet & Greet

Myrna Melgar,  Ben Matranga,  Jenny Lam,  Veronica Shinzato,  Tom Temprano,  Matt Alexander,  Shanell Williams, Emily Murase,  Aliya Chistie,  Mark Sanchez,  Connie Chan,  Han Zou, Vilaska Nguyen

3) Voting members to rectify the Endorsement Recommendations

CADC Endorsement Slate for November 2020

Congratulations to the endorsed candidates. CADC wishes you success!

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July 2020 General Meeting

Synopsis of the the July 11th, 2020 meeting held over Zoom

Issues Discussed

Joining Save SF Jobs Coalitions


Speakers In Attendance

Scott Wiener for State Senator Re-election



Marjan Philhour for D1 Supervisor



Danny Sauter for D3 Supervisor




Vallie Brown for D5 Supervisor

Email: [email protected] 



Joel Engardio for D7 Supervisor





Ahsha Safai for D11 Supervisor



Michelle Parker for School Board



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