Chinese American Democratic Club


Mission Statement

The aim and purpose of this Club shall be to encourage the development of meaningful political awareness within our community and to thereby foster active participation in the democratic process of government by all citizens, to encourage Chinese American candidates to run for elective office, to encourage the appointment of Chinese Americans to appointive positions, to demand a high standard in government to seek justice and equality for all peoples and to study, develop, and advocate issues relevant to the empowerment and civil rights of Chinese Americans.

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    CADC Endorsements for November 3rd 2020 Elections

    District 1 Supervisor:

    1st Choice: Marjan Philhour

    2nd Choice: Veronica Shinzato

    3rd Choice: David Lee

    4th Choice: Connie Chan

    District 3 Supervisor:

    Danny Sauter - Sole Endorsement

    District 5 Supervisor:

    1st Choice: Vallie Brown

    2nd Choice: Daniel Landry

    District 7 Supervisor:

    1st Choice: Joel Engardio

    2nd Choice: Ben Matranga

    3rd Choice: Emily Murase

    4th Choice: Myrna Melgar

    District 11 Supervisor:

    Ahsha Safai - Sole Endorsement

    San Francisco Board of Education (4 Seats):

    Jenny Lam

    Mark Sanchez

    Michelle Parker

    Matt Alexander

    San Francisco City College Board of Trustees (4 Seats):

    Alan Wong

    Tom Temprano

    Shanell Williams

    Anita Martinez

    For the complete list of the Current Endorsements:

    CADC November 2020 Endorsements

    For the Endorsement Graphics:

    - CADC November 2020 Endorsement Graphics

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