Current Bylaws

Current Bylaws as of December 2023

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CADC History

The Club was chartered in 1958 by the California State Democratic Central Committee and the California Democratic Council in response to growing political repression during a Republican administration and violations of the Chinese American civil rights in the mid 1950’s. The founding of the Club signaled a new approach to assert Chinese American participation in San Francisco’s partisan processes.
In the first decade, CADC allied with Democrats, led by the late Phil Burton. Throughout the Club’s life, many young Chinese Americans - as we as other like-minded citizens - joined the CADC to seek political empowerment of the largely disenfranchised Chinese American population in San Francisco. CADC blazed new paths by conducting citywide voter registration and education of Chinese Americans, by championing racial and economic justice for the Chinese American community in the City. The Club also wanted to promote world peace abroad by supporting efforts to end the war in Vietnam and then for the normalization of relations between the U.S. and China.
In the 1980’s, the Club continued to advance the causes of the Chinese American community in San Francisco and proceed to effectively build coalitions at the local and state levels, as well as actively supporting Chinese American candidates in elective and appointive offices. Many CADC members were subsequently elected and appointed to local, and state boards and commissions.
The Club continues to hold these priorities high on its agenda. The Club has wielded considerable influence in City elections. A number of Club leaders and members have served during the 1990’s on important City Commissions, including the Airport, Planning, Port, Civil Service, and Human Rights Commissions.The Club has advanced it’s campaign technology in recent years; now, other political clubs in the City attempt to follow our methods.
During the past three years we have seen an increase in renewed political activism. CADC managed to triple its membership base from the 2005 calendar year, strengthen its financial treasury [even in this economic crisis], and re-establish its voter registration drive.
The Chinese American Democratic Club has entered the new millennium as the premiere Asian American political association in the country, as it always has been. Volunteer your time with CADC and help us make San Francisco a better place to live.
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CADC Past Presidents

2024 Josephine Zhao
2023 Brian Quan
2022 Bayard Fong/Brian Quan
2021 Bayard Fong
2020 Josephine Zhao
2019 Josephine Zhao
2018 Wilson Chu / Josephine Zhao
2017 Wilson Chu
2016 Wilson Chu
2015 Wilson Chu
2014 Calvin Y. Louie
2013 Eddie Chin
2012 Eddie Chin
2011 Sam Kwong
2010 Michael Chan
2009 Michael Chan
2008 Calvin Y. Louie
2007 Calvin Y. Louie
2006 Calvin Y. Louie
2005 Lawrence Yee
2004 Lawrence Yee
2003 Sam Kwong
2002 Sam Kwong
2001 Douglas Lam
2000 Hayden Lee
1999 Hayden Lee
1998 Roland Quan
1997 Roland Quan
1996 Henry Louie
1995 Anthony Chow
1994 Henry Louie
1993 Samson Wong
1992 Lawrence Wong
1991 Douglas Chan
1990 Douglas Chan
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