Club Supports Call for Resignation of SF BoE Commissioner Boggess

At our June membership meeting, the Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC) voted on a motion from the Education Committee to ask San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner Kevine Boggess to step down from the Board President position. This motion was based on President Boggess's decision to back a Parent Advisory Council parent slate that was racially discriminatory and likely against state law. We provided ample time for President Boggess to present his side and answer questions. After the discussion, CADC membership voted to back the demand.
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Board Elections for 2023

At the December 8th Membership meeting, the attending members voted to renew expiring Board members (Michael Chan, Eddie Chin, Ron Lee, Jonathan Louie, Linda Quan, Victor Seeto, Sandy Su, Adlai Jew) to new three year terms as well as adding on two new Board members.

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Support Letter for Commissioner Hsu

July 29, 2022

Every parent wants the best for their children. Parents want their children to have a better life than our lived experiences. We acknowledge that Commissioner Ann Hsu's words caused pain to the Black and Brown communities. She has received the well-deserved criticism in the court of public opinion. We want Board of Education commissioners that are willing to listen and acknowledge his/her flaws in order to improve the public schools system and better serve their constituency. Commissioner Hsu’s apology reflects the seriousness of the damage her words have caused. She has retracted her original statement and written a full and sincere apology. She has humbly met with aggrieved parents and community leaders.


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Letter to SFUSD School Board Regarding Incident at Ulloa Elementary

Board of Education Commissioners and Superintendent Vincent Matthews,

We, the Chinese American Democratic Club, encourage the San Francisco Unified School District Administration to follow full due process by evenly applying all proper review and restorative justice procedures as it looks into alleged use of harmful racial terms by Ulloa Principal Carol Fong or any school administrator of any school.

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New Direction in 2022

Last week, the Board convened to elect our new Board positions for this coming year. Receiving a majority of support we are pleased to announce:

Brian Quan as Vice President 1

Wilson Chu as Vice President 2

Gregory Leung as Secretary

Calvin Louie as Treasurer

Adlai Jew as Parliamentarian

Sam Kwong as Auditor.

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Asian Political Club Mixer

The Chinese American Democratic Club is committing to rebuilding an AAPI coalition to advance AAPI issues, equity, and access in SF.

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CADC statement on our working relationship with NAACP

CADC Statement:

CADC had engaged SF NAACP in early February addressing SFUSD issues, including interracial tensions among the student populations and access to exellent education at all public high schools in San Francisco. 

Our relationship had evolved and we subsequently chose to discuss the Asian Hate issue where there were joint meetings that included the District Attorney and SFPD Chief of Police. 

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CADC calls for SF School Board Commissioner Collins Resignation

The Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC) strongly condemns racist language and actions in all forms. We are
outraged at SFUSD School Board Member Alison Collin's 2016 Twitter tweets that insinuated Asian-Americans are
"house n****r". Ms. Collin's reference is degrading in its language and unacceptable regardless of her intent.
We are also outraged that Board Member Collins had targeted Asian-Americans and solicited evidence to fit into her
preconceived beliefs that undermine the Asian-American communities' credibility. It is irresponsible and hurtful to cause
division by singling out the Asian American community. She must realize that to fight racism, we must come together as a
coalition and not sow seeds of division by pitting one community of color against another.

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CADC response to passing of SF Board of Education Resolution #212-2A1

We disagree with the SFUSD Board of Education’s decision to institute lottery admission at Lowell High School.


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Parents continue M-W-F “After School” rallies at SFUSD Headquarters to save Lowell

October 30, 2020
Contact: Bayard Fong, CADC Vice-President, (415) 672-9015
[email protected]
San Francisco, CA
Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC)


One week ago, parents, students, teachers, and concerned San Franciscans united to rally at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Headquarters to ‘Save Lowell’ as a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of academic excellence and to urge SFUSD to create more schools like Lowell. Calls and e-mails to the Board of Education and the Superintendent to reconsider the sudden change in academic admissions to a lottery (a system that the School Board voted in 2018 to phase out) for less disruptive alternatives have been ignored.

This week, members of the Board of Education reported threats. CADC and Save Lowell participants denounce any threats of violence to the Board members or any elected official and condemn the use of any hateful or racist comments. CADC and Save Lowell participants continue to rally to open a dialogue that was denied to stakeholders by SFUSD and the Board.

No doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a challenge in implementing the Lowell admission process that considers grades from 7th and 8th grades and SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test results. But, COVID-19 does not justify abandoning academic admissions altogether. Alternatives such as a combination prior available grades and a personal statement would be far less disruptive to parents and students considering Lowell as a choice.

The School Board gave notice of the proposed policy change on Friday, October 9, on the SFUSD Website for a first “discussion” on Tuesday, October 13 and a vote on Tuesday, October 20. Most School Board members demonstrated that they had no idea of the current Lowell admissions policy but yet were ready to replace it with a lottery because of personal ideologies. That is not in the best interests of our children.

The current Lowell academic admissions policy reserves 30 percent of the seats to students who have overcome adversity and show promise and students from underrepresented high schools. A lottery system would ignore this diversity component.

Though the lottery system was initially presented as a temporary one-year plan, Board members have already advanced the system as a permanent replacement to academic admissions.

Our focus is on saving Lowell and ensuring that all students have access to quality education across the district (more Lowells). We believe all students, given the necessary academic and social support, can excel at the highest levels. SFUSD and the Board of Education must do their job and well serve every student beginning at
the K – 5 level, rather than artificially discussing placement at the high school level. Students must be presented with challenging curriculum and be academically and socially prepared to join a 21st century

CADC representatives, together with other concerned individuals, will continue to rally three times a week. We encourage SFUSD and the Board of Education to have a dialogue with stakeholders.

We will be at:

San Francisco Unified School District
Board of Education Headquarters
555 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Mondays • Wednesdays • Fridays

3:15 PM – 4 PM

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