In light of all the racism against Asians, a group of volunteers, Sasanna Yee, Seeyew Mo and Josephine Zhao created this social action campaign! Will you add this #AsiansBelong frame to your profile picture to stand with us and our Asian brothers and sisters? It's easy!




You belong.  You are not alone.  We are in this together.

We understand the pain of racism, alienation, and exacerbated feelings of isolation from society made worse by the current mandated isolation protocol to combat COVID-19. Asians Belong is a safe place for you to connect with peers, allies, and most importantly, connect with your inner power to feel strong, empowered, and inspired.

You are valued, welcomed, and included here. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns and provide support. We are respectful, open, and a strong community of ONE.


Black Lives Matter. Science is Real. Women’s rights are Human rights. Love is Love. No human is illegal.

Asians Belong.

This is a social action campaign for unity, compassion, harmony, and love. This is a positive response to the increased negativity, discrimination, and violence against the Asian community during the Coronavirus pandemic. Enough is enough.

COVID-19 forced all of us to take a step back and to realize that we are intimately connected. Whatever happened in one part of the world can have an immense and drastic impact on other communities. A disease that started in a city thousands of miles away can grow into a global pandemic because we ARE ONE big community. This is the time for unity because we are all in this together. 

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