New Direction in 2022

Last week, the Board convened to elect our new Board positions for this coming year. Receiving a majority of support we are pleased to announce:

Brian Quan as Vice President 1

Wilson Chu as Vice President 2

Gregory Leung as Secretary

Calvin Louie as Treasurer

Adlai Jew as Parliamentarian

Sam Kwong as Auditor.

President Fong has also shared with the Board that he has been coming to terms with his health and has made the difficult decision to submit his resignation from the position as President of CADC 2022.This resignation was accepted by the Board, elevating Vice President 1, Brian Quan, to the role of President for the remainder of the year.

A statement from the new President:

"First I would like to thank President Fong for his service and leadership this past year guiding CADC to ensure our community's focus on proper accountability via the polls at the SF Board of Education. Secondly, I would like to thank the hard work of the remaining Board members and the trust that have put in me to continue guiding our club through the difficult year ahead of us.

We have many challenges facing our community in the remainder of the year. While we have regained a measure of trust in the February Recall election, it is incumbent on us to continue our outreach and education to the many new activists that have become engaged with work we have done in our past 60+ years. Now is not the time to be telling people what is important, but to listen to our community so that we may properly support and elevate the new voices that seek to address the pain and hurt suffered by our community over the past few years."

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