CADC calls for SF School Board Commissioner Collins Resignation

The Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC) strongly condemns racist language and actions in all forms. We are
outraged at SFUSD School Board Member Alison Collin's 2016 Twitter tweets that insinuated Asian-Americans are
"house n****r". Ms. Collin's reference is degrading in its language and unacceptable regardless of her intent.
We are also outraged that Board Member Collins had targeted Asian-Americans and solicited evidence to fit into her
preconceived beliefs that undermine the Asian-American communities' credibility. It is irresponsible and hurtful to cause
division by singling out the Asian American community. She must realize that to fight racism, we must come together as a
coalition and not sow seeds of division by pitting one community of color against another.

Board Member Collin's past tweets exacerbate the fear and pain that the Asian American community continues to endure
after decades of discrimination and exclusion. Racism and xenophobia—in language and in action —must not be
There must be accountability for Board Member Collin's actions, and accordingly, we demand that she tender her
resignation, effective immediately.

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