CADC's Statement on George Floyd

Press Release!


The Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC) of San Francisco joins in solidarity with the African American Community to protest the senseless and violent death of African Americans at the hands of police officers.


We watched with horror how Mr. George Floyd’s life was squeezed out of him in a matter of 8 minutes by a police officer allegedly acting within the scope of his official duty. A police officer’s primary responsibility is to protect and serve the safety of citizens. The United States loses the moral high ground when our law enforcement engages in such brutality. We cannot advocate for freedom and democracy for other’s sovereignty and sanction those countries that we deem to violate human rights when we do much worse.


The treatment of minorities in this country requires an honest assessment and recognition by our political leaders that we have a very serious racial problem in the United States that cannot be swept under the carpet. This history of oppression has also been felt amongst Asian Americans from Japanese Internment, to the LA riots, and the murder of Vincent Chin. The Asian communities understand how precariously we are treated within this country and so we understand the need to be better allies with other communities instead of joining in with the divisive rhetoric that seeks to highlight our differences.


We join in solidarity with our African American brothers and sisters to protest against racism and police brutality.  We strongly oppose the way President Trump is handling this serious tragedy by ordering the shooting of looters. Social remedies need to be developed and implemented.  The major US Departments, and humanity based non-profit organizations need to form a Coalition, to develop a summary of the problem, identify the root causes, and develop a list of recommendations, and with goals and timetables. 

CADC stands up with America, as part of Humanity.  Understanding we must seek to return to the theme of acting as brother/sister with all countries.  Our air, our water, our environment, our fisheries, our wildlife, our trees are all intertwined.  It’s time to Stand Up together to tackle this problem...and at the same time tackle the many other problems that face Humanity.

Please contact us to participate and/or assist in leading this important project.



Josephine Zhao, President

Bayard Fong, vice-president

Board and Members