Masks For All

You are the heroes we have been waiting for during this crisis. Make a difference by donating at

People who work in grocery stores, restaurants, and other essential services need commercial-grade face masks to do their job safely. We can thank and support them by: (1) Provide them with protective equipment and (2) Use homemade face coverings to reduce the demand for commercial masks.

We launched #MasksForAll2.0 to do just that. First, we have procured 1,000 N95s for essential workers in various merchant corridors in San Francisco. The shipment is arriving very shortly. Second, we purchased the material to make 5,000 home-made-masks making kits that we plan to distribute to community members who need them.

You can part of this solution by donating $10 or more to help us reach our goal.

I hope you'll join us!

More Information at:


Each mask worn is saying “I love you” to the immuno compromised, to the vulnerable populations like elders and children.

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