Support Letter for Commissioner Hsu

July 29, 2022

Every parent wants the best for their children. Parents want their children to have a better life than our lived experiences. We acknowledge that Commissioner Ann Hsu's words caused pain to the Black and Brown communities. She has received the well-deserved criticism in the court of public opinion. We want Board of Education commissioners that are willing to listen and acknowledge his/her flaws in order to improve the public schools system and better serve their constituency. Commissioner Hsu’s apology reflects the seriousness of the damage her words have caused. She has retracted her original statement and written a full and sincere apology. She has humbly met with aggrieved parents and community leaders.


Commissioner Hsu's action’s on the Board have been focused on student outcomes. She has taken on the task of improving 3rd grade literacy with the intent on closing the achievement/opportunity gap. This endeavor focuses on raising the performance of all students in the district. We want competent people who can be responsive to the concerns of families at the Board of Education. Commissioner Hsu through her actions shows she is that person and we support her in her efforts.

Changes are needed at the School District at all levels to fix the state of education in the City. The current Board of Education (BoE) has refocused their efforts on improving student outcomes. This is in contrast to the political posturing and grandstanding that led to the recall of the previous Commissioners for their misplaced priorities. Commissioner Hsu’s willingness to do the “heavy lifting” will ensure the Board of Education continues to focus on student outcomes and not revert back to performative politics.  

Finally, we are committed to evaluating all aspects of the candidates for the upcoming November School Board election and urge all voters to look into all their words and actions before making their own decision.


Brian Quan, President


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