Letter to SFUSD School Board Regarding Incident at Ulloa Elementary

Board of Education Commissioners and Superintendent Vincent Matthews,

We, the Chinese American Democratic Club, encourage the San Francisco Unified School District Administration to follow full due process by evenly applying all proper review and restorative justice procedures as it looks into alleged use of harmful racial terms by Ulloa Principal Carol Fong or any school administrator of any school.

We have followed the Ulloa situation since the initial allegations against Principal Fong during public comments at the May 10th Board Meeting. This Principal is highly regarded in the school community with the 20,000+ signed petitions from the community as a reflection of the demonstrated long standing support and faith in this Principal. Please ensure these voices are not silenced in determining an outcome.

A rush to judgment would reflect poorly on the District, and prove an unnecessary distraction in this time of Superintendent and staff turnover. Thank you for your consideration. We are available as a supportive resource as we use this alleged incident as a learning moment and an opportunity to heal our communities.



Laurance Lee, Education Committee - Chinese American Democratic Club

President Brian Quan, Chinese American Democratic Club

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