Club Supports Call for Resignation of SF BoE Commissioner Boggess

At our June membership meeting, the Chinese American Democratic Club (CADC) voted on a motion from the Education Committee to ask San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner Kevine Boggess to step down from the Board President position. This motion was based on President Boggess's decision to back a Parent Advisory Council parent slate that was racially discriminatory and likely against state law. We provided ample time for President Boggess to present his side and answer questions. After the discussion, CADC membership voted to back the demand.
The demand letter states that a Chinese-American applicant and CADC Board Member was rejected from the proposed parent slate because, as the then-PAC Coordinator wrote in an email, "we received more applications from our Chinese community than could be accommodated." San Francisco Unified School District staff had legal counsel reviewed complaints about the parent selection process and found possible violations of state law (Brown Act) and School Board Policy 0410. Even after becoming aware of such information, and as his 6 fellow Commissioners voted against the recommended parent slate, Boggess still voted to support it.
The demand letter ends with the following paragraph, "Knowingly seeking to ratify a slate of PAC members who were selected through an illegal and racially discriminatory process is unconscionable, and undermines the public's confidence in President Boggess's leadership. Covering up the misjudgment by saying he was 'misled,' adds to the President's leadership failure and reflects inadequate judgement. These actions have broken trust with many in our community. San Francisco prides itself on values of equality and civil rights, but President Boggess's actions fall far short of vindicating those values. Accordingly, we call upon Mr .Boggess to immediately resign from his role as Board President."
CADC has been involved in the cause of civil rights from its beginning. We will continue to work with the San Francisco Board of Education and other groups in this area.